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    Greetings all,

    I stupidly deleted the "Voicemail" option from the Favorites Page and can't for the life of me figure out how to restore it. I've created a new Speed Dial choice, but it won't allow me to select the digit '1', just the letter 'E'. I managed to get around this by opening the keyboard, but it doesn't work.

    Reading an earlier post, I tried changing offset 2 to 80, but that didn't do it either. Please tell me there's a way to restore this without having to do a hard reset...

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    Although I didnt look around on my cell, couldnt you make a contact named VOICEMAIL that dials your cell #, and then just add it as a contact?
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    Yep, I did that, but I can't get the '1' key to be registered.

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    If you backup your treo, try restoring a file called PhoneFavorites2DB from either your SD card or the backup folder on your computer, that should bring back the last backed up version.
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    Doh! I haven't bothered to sync as I've been trying to get it working, thus far unsuccessfully, via Wireless Sync.

    Good suggestion, albertb. Too bad I tried to be more clever than the instructions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by belanger View Post
    Yep, I did that, but I can't get the '1' key to be registered.
    I addressed this issue in a previous thread a few months ago, but no one had an answer at that time either. Only some funny stuff about "Voicemail 1" and "Wife 2." So it seems you can only assign a letter to a Favorites button, not a number.

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