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    Here is how it happened. I went to versamail to get new emails and there were 200 in the list. It was downloading fine for the first 100 messages fine and then the screen turned "white". It frooze. Only way to reset is to take the battery out. When I take the battery out and reset the phone it will ask for Network Time, if I push OK the phone would freeze. If I push the HOME button then it would jump to the menu fine, but my phone is off. I can do my applications fine, but when I turn on the phone, then it will crash if someone calls me, or if I try to go to the dialpad screen. I tried to backup my data but it won't sync with my computer. So I don't know how to get my data out so I can reset the damn thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    That is normally related to memory. How much free memory do you have and what email client are you using?


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