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    Hi guys, newbie here. I just got a treo 650 after selling off my ipaq 6515...i missed the battery life and ease of use. Here's the situation: I popped my sim card in, powered it on and got the "sim not allowed" message at the cingular hello screen.

    I tried searching but couldnt come up with much. is it a software issue? I tried calling cingular, but the lady said that the only thing i could do was get another sim and try it out...i got my buddies sim and that didnt work either.

    I read on another forum about it possibly being a software issue and was pointed to this forum as the best place to get help.

    any info you guys can give me would me most appreciated, thanks in advance guys!
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    Is that a cingular sim your putting in? If not, you need to unlock the phone.
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    yeah, its a cingular sim, i have cingular service.
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    Try to update to latest Cingular ROM. If that doesn't work I would try to unlock the phone anyway.
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    its a locked phone, and you need to unlock it.

    your sim might be the older AT&T sim card (or) the Cingular treo is a AT&T unit (vice versa)

    unlock the phone from a vendor on ebay.

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