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    Verizon Treo 650, blazer 4.0, rescoview 2.2.1
    I am really stumped by this one: There is a website that i visit daily (many times a day, actually) that changed the format of one of its graphics (.gif - a graphical display of the current wind speed for kitesurfers/windsurfers over the weekend. this is a significant improvement in functionality for the web site.

    Here is the problem: If i run rescoview, i cannot load these images. i just get an 'x' when blazer tries. all other websites load their images w/o problems. soft reset doesn't help. i contacted the webmaster of the site, and he said that while they changed the content, it was and still is just a .gif and he cant think of anything on his end that could be doing this.
    I used zlauncher to see what files had new modification dates after running rescoview, and after trial and error, i discovered that if i restore 'unsaved preferences' after running rescoview, the problem doesn't occur.

    Anyone seen this kind of wierd behavior before? This fix is only a bandaid, because sooner or later, I will backup a version of unsaved preferences with the problem and lose my fix. what could rescoview be changing in unsaved preferences that affects the way blazer works? what sort of stuff is in unsaved preferences anyway? when i deleted it, my treo locked up, and I had to hard reset.
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    Sounds like you are running RescoViewer from card using the ZLauncher shortcut. Beware that RescoViewer/RescoExplorer must be in main memory or your card's \Palm\Launcher folder in order to work properly. Solution to your problem:
    Move RescoViewer back to memory & delete it using the Palm Launcher delete function, then re-install it to expansion card via PalmOne Quick Install.
    Why don't you hi-light your problem to the RescoViewer author?

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