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    I have a Seidio cradle (the silver one made for the 700p). Been using it abt a week. Its has started automatically hotsyncing a couple of times a day. Anyone else experiencing this with this cradle? I can only think maybe the hotsync button is malfunctioning (im nowhere near button when hotsync starts).

    Is there a software method for startign a hotsync when the hotsyn app is not running? It doesnt start the app, it goes directly into the hotsyncing.

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    Sounds like a defective button as you mentioned. Maybe exercise it a bit by pushing it in firmly. Otherwise might have to RMA it.
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    its weird, it actually will not syn when i press the button

    but it will now sync every time i place it on the cradle.

    I guess i will need a replacement.
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    I have an innodock cradle left over from the 650. When I lace the 700p in it the treo keeps trying to connect to the PC. I hear the sound going off over and over. I haven't loaded the palm software on the PC yet. I do believe that the 650 cradles are not compatable with the 700p. Make sure you have the correct cradle because it sound like your is doing what my is trying to do also.
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    no, I do have a 700p cradle. Has the audio male plug for the 2.5mm jack. my seidio 650 cradle worked fine for my 700 but couldn't pass sound. that is a must-have for my desk
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    I have the same problem too. But my treo automatically tries to sync itself more than 10x per day.

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