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    I have a loud buzzing noise on my Treo 600 that can be heard by my caller and myself. The caller, in many cases, can bearly hear me. I have tried doing a reset a couple of times and it helps for a while, but the noise eventually returns.

    Any ideas?


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    Hi Barb:

    How old is your battery?

    Does your T600 buzz like that if it's plugged into the charger?

    Depending on your responses it could be a battery problem or a battery connector problem.

    There is also the "famous tinfoil buzz-fix solution" which has been known to resolve buzzing. The "famous tinfoil buzz-fix solution" also happens to be related to the battery connector...
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    tinfoil wrapped around the wire of the battery connector.and resetting the connectors of the battery, if the battery is more than 1 years old replace
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    Thanks for the help - I'm going to try your suggestions.

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    By the way - the battery is two years old this month!!


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