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    Looking for a 700p under $400 w/existing service, not a new plan. Seem to only find it if activating new service. Any sources out there?
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    I don't know if the same deal is still available, but I picked up my 700p at CompUSA about three weeks ago for $375. I didn't even have to extend my contract!
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    by no means did I get the best deal, but I don't like to beg or call over and over asking for the same thing. I just called and said cancel like many others. I asked for a good deal on a 700p without changing anything on my plan. I already have a good plan. I envoked the Verizon has it for 250 foe new customer ... staements. I got it for 365 with 225 off of an upgrade for my 2nd line. You can do it to, just call and ask.
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    I paid $450 w/ existing service for mine and just got a mailer the other day from Sprint offering one to my wife for $399, also an existing customer. She currently has a 650.
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    consider adding another line through retention, it is often cheaper. depending on your plan you could get a second line from anywhere from free including powervision (evdo plan)to $20 per month. on my retention notes I have ability to add two more lines promised priced as followes: 1) $0 line charge including evdo and 500 messages, and 2) $5 line charge with evdo and 500 messages per month included.

    I will use those either to grab two 700wx or wait a year and grab two of whatever the best 700p replacement is.

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