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    Hey guys did anyone ever try this service for treo 600 battery replacement.

    I am kind of reluctant to send them a activated cellphone.

    Thanx in advance for the feedback
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    You can do it yourself, easy search on the forum. I'm on my 3rd, had trouble with the premium power battery, just did not work for me.
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    For what's it's not too hard to do this yourself. AND IT WORKS.

    Did it with an iPod and had great success with it.

    Just be delicate and careful. Dont' be violent with your phone....the dinky pieces can make u mad.
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    I've opened up my 600 so many times I can no longer keep count - practice makes perfect.

    Now that my son is using it (and dropped it a few times), I have to open it again soon to replace the front and back cover. IMO, it was and still is a great smartphone. Almost three years and still ticking with no problems.

    So DO NOT be afraid. Buy your replacement battery and follow instructions (online). They are not as fragile as you think. Good luck.
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