iv had this error thorugh tons of 700s now and a few others have as well....iv been to the extent to having palm n sprint techs tell me to import export contacts, calenders, memos incase somethin was currupt, making a new user profile etc....but yet still in the middle of nowhere the phone will just restart....and give me that message in the error log....does anyone know if this error could be attributed because of the following:
I have the 700p which is a powervision phone i do not have a powervision plan i still have the regular vision plan and someone told me that might be why but how would this be the case in the respect that the phone most of the times restrarts as im about to make a phone call or going through calender or just taking the phone off standby and it restarts?? another words if im doing nothing internet relatted how is this possible? further more what if i had no vision or powervision would i still have this problem? someone wiht extensive knowledge pelase help