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    My psyslaunchDB is getting trashed. On the 650, this was easy enough to replace (from w/in RescoBackup)... Resco is not letting me replace this, however... Also, there doesn't seem to be any real effect of having a corrupt DB (again, w/ my 650, ZLauncher would get all messed up, especially as regards the categories).

    Nothing of the sort with the 700p, typically. When exiting Resco, I sometimes get a ZLauncher error and then the device resets. Generally, however, this doesn't happen... and everything looks just fine. Curiously enough, the file doesn't seem to be "regenerating" as I'd expect it to.

    What's going on??? Thanks.
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    maybe it's not replacing that file because the file was corrupt before you did a backup, so you're just getting the same file back? this happened to me a couple of times on my treo 650, being that i do a backup every 12 hours, by the time i realized either my syslaunch, saved, or un-saved prefs files were corrupt it would be too late because a backup was already performed with those files. now with resco backup i perform a weekly backup just for those files, then a bi-daily backup for the phone also, so i can go and replace a file from my other backup if need be, let me know if this could be the reason, if not we'll go from there.
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