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    My wife and I own a small business. We are goegraphically seperated most of the day and we both take phone calls from clients that want to make appointments with me. Currently we use the Outlook on a PC (not an Exchange Server). I have to call her on the phone to update the calendar and likewise she has to call me to notify me when my day of appointments has changed.

    My question is with a Treo 700 is it possible for both of us to share a common calendar while the two of us are geographically seperated? I would like to be able to update the calendar from my Treo and have it appear on hers and vise versa. Is this possible to have a common shared realtime calendar or at least emulate one?

    Also I have my own POP3 email through my shared hosting account from my businesses website. I would like to be able to have my email pushed to my Treo as well as be able to send using my businesses return email address. I assume this is much more straight forward than my first question but since I am a total newbie to this and don't have a whole IT department to setup everything for me, I thought I would ask here.

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    This is a hell of a kludge, but it'll work: set your Treos to sync with Outlook; if you share a PC this may be all you need but I haven't tried that. If you have your own PCs, sync with Outlook, then sync both copies of Outlook with a single Google Calendar.
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    Check out ClearSync (formerly WeSync) and see if it offers what you're looking for.
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    ^ Regarding "push" email you may want to give Chatter ( a spin. You'll have to use a hosting service that supports IMAP email (most popular ones do) and you can set your reply-to address to anything you'd like.

    I've been using Chatter for about two years now and it's been great. I could never go back to the "mail polling" methods used in other popular email clients (i.e. Snapper and VersaMail).

    ....just my 2
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    It sounds like you would be better off with a hosted Exchange email account that will allow you to share contacts, calendars, emails, etc as well as have Push technology for your mobile devices (i.e. GoodLink or ActiveSync). You should look into it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiVeyx View Post
    ^ Regarding "push" email you may want to give Chatter ( a spin. You'll have to use a hosting service that supports IMAP email (most popular ones do)
    To clarify here.. you need an email service whose IMAP server supports the "IDLE" command. Most should by now. But you might run across a provider who has an IMAP server that doesn't yet support it.

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