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    I've noticed that synchronizing my 700p is a LOT slower than my old 600. I get that there's more to back up, and I do believe that, should I ever be unfortunate enough to need a restore, it'll seem worth it. But right now, it does seem extremely excessive, and one item that it seems to take over 45-60 seconds to perform is 'Synchronizing Phone' - I assume this is basically my call log... if so,
    A) I don't care to back it up, and
    2) Wouldn't that be really tiny? I make / receive like 10 calls a day... so a month's worth would be roughly a 10k file at BEST... unless I'm missing something.

    Anyone know how to turn that off... you can turn off sync of contacts, calendar, etc... but not 'Phone.'
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    you can use fileZ and delete your callLogDB. this will make it zero again.

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