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    I am going to Italy for 3 weeks and want to forward from my vzn 700P to an Italian prepaid local sim for my unlocked 650 (borrowing back from daughter). I need to enter *72access number plus the phone number. I'm having trouble figuring a way to get a "pause" for system to answer after access number to accept Italian phone number. Service is Tel3Advantage and if you register the number you call system with (my vzn 700P), it recognizes your number and does not require account # and pin so it should work. I think I need to enter *72access number, "pause" (usually a space or coma) then the phone number. My goal is to not have someone have to figure out access numbers and codes and all, but to just be able to call me as normal and i will pay the access fee. It is $.26 vs vzn's $1.49/min.
    Any ideas or suggestions, am I on right track or should I just give up and forward to my wife's T-mobile @ $.99/min?
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    I have an 866 number through Kall8 that forwards to my Italian number when I'm there. There is nothing for the caller to do other than dial the number. I've also forwared my US number to the toll free number for those who forget about calling the 866 number directly. The US>toll free>Italian number is less reliable, but it does work most of the time.

    When in Italy, most providers offer discounted call rates to one country. I use Wind and calls back to the US are about the same as the discounted calling services offer. It's also easier than a call back service.

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