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    I had my treo in a backpack with a bottle of water, mp3 player and t was accidently knocked of a counter onto a cementesk floor. Of course the water bottle opened and when i found that out, about 5 mintues later, the treo 600 had been submerssed about half way in water. I let it dry out but the screen just shifts from fuzzy black and white, to a blank blue, to nothing at all. I have no idea if it was the fall damage or the water damage. Its no longer under waranty.

    Anyone have any ideas, or is it time for the treo graveyard?
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    This happened to me and found a means to fix it.
    This is what I did.

    1) Do not turn on power. Don't do it till your phone is completely dried.

    2) Take apart your phone to let it dry. (Google how to replace your Treo battery and it shows photos and step by step instructions to how to safely open your treo)
    Discconect your battery. Make sure you keep your screws and pieces organized. It's a ***** to lose them.

    3) Place phone opened and parts in a ziplock bag, and grab a few of those vitamin moisture absorbent packages - the ones that says 'don't eat'. This will help it dry out the phone.

    4) Put the ziplock bag in some warm, sunlight...NOT HOT. Warm...for a few days.

    Carefully re-assemble your phone (and pray) that your phone works.


    I did this and it me several hundred bucks...but now I'm waiting for a new Treo since I dropped a few too many times it's loopy and toasted..but I suffered a bit of water damaged half a year go...did the above techniques and it saved me.

    Hope it works!!!

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