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    I recently bought a Treo 650 off of ebay for roughly 420 bucks w/ accesories. The picture shown was a palm branded phone, unfourtunately when I recieved it, it was a Cingular branded Treo unlocked. I disputed through Paypal that the item was not as specified in listing, non the less Paypal ruled in favor of the seller

    So I am stuck with this Treo which I am still pondering whether to resell it or not. If I install the software from Palm on this Cingular branded phone, will it erase the Cingular Logo on boot? I plan to get a new casing w/ non standard Cingular branding aswell. In doing any of this, is it possible the phone can re-lock and me be SOL?

    Thanks in advance.
    - senoje
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    you can flash the phone with the ROW firmware (look for the 1.03 ROW)

    this will completey debrand the Cingular software.

    dont be so hard on yourself. even though the phone is not factory unlocked, once flashed with the ROW firmware, you can use the unlocked firmware updates from Palm (making the unit EXACTLY like a factory unlocked treo.
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    also, if the unit was properly unlocked, you shouldnt have a problem with the unit re-locking itself.
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    I have an unlocked, formerly Cingular (without logo on casing) 650.
    I did flash the unbranded firmware, which did not effect the unlocked status. As I have been told: "once unlucked, always unlocked".
    The Cingular logo is gone when it boots.
    Good luck.
    M100, M515, Tungsten E, Treo 600, Treo 650 unlocked GSM; SW 1.20 ENA; FW 1.71 (T-mobile)

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