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    My LED functionality is very limited. I understand that the LED no longer flashes green on the 700p, but my LED doesn't even light up while charging, nor does it flash to alert me to a new voicemail, SMS, missed call, etc. The only time it works is when Chatter is connecting to or disconnecting from the data network, when it lights up as a solid red. I thought that perhaps Chatter had hijacked it somehow, but I have my Chatter preferences set to flash the LED when I get a new e-mail and that doesn't work either.

    I have the following third-party apps installed: Chatter, 2Day, DateBk5, MegaLauncher, Directory Assistant, Diddle Bug, FileZ, HandZipperLite, PalmPDF, TCPMP, Toccer, and all the apps that came bundled with the 700p. I had earlier installed, but have since removed, the following apps: Snapper, DateBk6, ZLauncher, XLauncher, iSpin, and WinLauncher. When I got this phone, I HotSynced the programs and settings from my old 650 onto it. I have the Sprint version.

    Anyone have any idea why this might be happening?
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    it SHOULD show red when charging, and solid green when done charging.

    is this a VZW or Sprint? VZW and Sprint behaves differently.

    I think one of your programs is taking over the LED> You should get Butler...highly customizable for the LED.

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