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    Searching through the archives here (and on the web as a whole), I've been surprised at how few options there are for a fitness/exercise program with both a 700p and a Mac OSX desktop component. (PDAbs from Acrocat Software has come closest, but the Mac desktop program has a number of bugs.) Fitsync (at looks intriguing, but the website has kind of a "deserted" feel to it; there doesn't appear to be any kind of posting community, most of the copyright notices are a few years old (2002), and I haven't been able to find much from searching the web.

    So: is anyone out there currently using Fitsync on the 700p? If so, is anyone using the Java app. on their 700p? I'd appreciate any thoughts, good or bad. Thanks.
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    I've been using FitSync for over 5 years now and it's great. It does work on my Treo. They'll be launching a new Palm version soon so email them at and they'll set you up as a beta tester. Great way to try it for free and share your thoughts.

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