The other day while traveling I tried to access Blazer and my phone froze up and was locked on opening my home page. I thought that this was a Blazer issue, because it did it again later that evening and I had to manually soft reset. Well today while using Docs to Go version 7.006 it did it again while opening a word doc and I had to use the stylus and reset again. After doing this I had to completely remove Docs 2 Go and reinstall, because it would not open my word documents. Could this be an issue with Docs 2 Go or has anyone else had a problem with their phone freezing on a page and having to soft reset to get it to work again? I have not installed any new apps in the past week or two and the only one I have installed was a game that is on my SD card. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated, because after going through this drill four times in the past 72 hours I am now ready to give up. Thanks!