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    Can anyone suggest a good alternative to Vindigo for restaurant and bar guides/reviews? Although I think it's a great program for true city dwellers/frequent travelers, Vindigo's coverage really doesn't extend out far enough to get the places we go most frequently (in the VA 'burbs of DC). Also, it seems to take up an awful lot of memory. I have Mapopolis, so I don't need a mapping function and I have Yahoo on AvantGo for movie listings. Don't use the shopping info at all, so that just seems like wasted space.

    Has anyone tried TealMeal? At first glance, it looks as though I could probably get the coverage I need, but can't tell for sure how much memory it uses. Is this program worth the $$? I'm also open to other suggestions.... Down to the last 81K on my Vdx so I'm really looking to free up some space!
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    You've already got AvantGo, so you might want to try looking through their channels for restaraunt listings. Personally, I haven't tried any aside from Vindigo and didn't even use that one much. But I'm pretty sure I'd seen some ads for AvantGo dining guides. Check their site.
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    You can configure Vindigo on their web site so it doesnt give you the shopping or movie listings.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    Try on AvantGo. I have Salt Lake on mine and it is very useful on good restaurants or shopping.
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    Thanks to all for the suggestions. I didn't realize that you could remove shopping and movie sections on Vindigo, so that's very helpful. Still looking for an option with better geographic coverage, though. Restaurant Row (one of 2 dining channels I found on AvantGo) lists restaurants in my area, but has no reviews for most of them. The 10Best channel is good but like Vindigo, its listings are restricted to the downtown metro area. Are there others that I might be missing?

    Still looking for someone who's tried TealMeal. Anyone??

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