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    I currently have a Motorola Q and am looking to sell that on eBay and get the treo 650 or 700p. My question before I make the trade is: Can the MP3's sound close to an iPod on the treo? I had a treo 600 and the sound quality was noticeably different (for the worse) than an iPod. Now my motorola q sounds great but I miss all my palm software and that is reason for change.
    Thanks to all that reply.
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    I personally think the sound quality of MP3's on my Treo 650 is great. I use the latest version of Pocket Tunes Deluxe, Audio Gateway, and a pair of Plantronics Pulsar 590A bluetooth stereo headphones...awesome!

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    Although the sound is a little different, it can sound as good as an ipod. of course it depends on your bitrate, player settings, and earbud quality.

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