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    What good multilingual dictionaries do we have available for the Palm, either in the form of sites WAP or PDA friendly, or as native PalmOS apps? Most of our discussions here have seemed to focus on one or two language dictionaries. What I am looking for is access to multiple languages on a basic level (of course more advanced levels are great but, with emphasis on variety of languages and PDA friendly). This would preferably include languages from most continents of the world but, hey, give me just Europe and Asia.

    I want to walk around and be able to say a few words to almost anyone, in their language. So far, after not a small while of searching around, I didn't find all that much in multilingual dictionaries. Beiks (not the greatest of reviews here on TC) has a cheap one that looks decent, but it's mostly (all?) European Languages. I can't seem to hit upon a really excellent Treo site/program for that and I'm beginning to get the feeling that I am going to have to spend a small fortune for this if I want it.

    Any help on this would be most appreciated!
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    Try this website:
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chupacabra View Post
    Try this website:
    Thank you El Chupcabra. I see this, definitely looks good but a bit too much for me at this point:
    MSDict Oxford Multilanguage Pack 7.70 by Mobile Systems, Inc. Maybe in the future...

    Appreciate your help.
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    Ok, here is another one I just remembered:

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