Thanks for reading this:

The Setup:
I have a Treo 650 (Cingular) that I use to sync to my personal Outlook calendar/notes on my personal PC. I have my personal POP emails sync through VersaMail. Worked great.

Started a new job where I added my work Outlook Exhange account to my Versamail (so I get the work email) and download my work Outlook exhange calendar to my treo

The Problem:

By placing an Outlook exchange account on my treo I can no longer hotsync to my personal PC so I cant sync my personal Outlook calendar/tasks, download/upload media/ apps. Anything.

I can still get personal email through Versamail by syncing directly to my POP accounts through Cingular's data service. But thats it.

I like having my work data on my treo but I want my personal info/syncing too. It seems that if you have a Treo that syncs to an Exchanger server calendar it pretty much takes over your Treo.

Is there an Outlook client for the Treo that can "comparimentalize" the Outlook Exchange services while allowing the other services to continue like they used to?

Thanks for the help. This is really infuriating.