2PlayMe the ulitmate alarm clock and automation tool was updated to version 3.3.

3.3 (08/25/06)
  • Snooze is triggered when pressing power or one of the other application buttons
  • allows to change the default network connection (switch to WiFi and back to BT or GPRS on a daily schedule)
  • allows to set the AutoOffTimer
  • RFC868 Time sync possible (hard coded time server at the moment: time-a.nist.gov,
  • connection to MacroPlay (http://xvisionnow.tripod.com/cgi-bin/index.pl)
  • connection to my updated Timidity app to play any real MIDI file from the memory card (might not work on all devices) (http://www.metaviewsoft.de/en)
  • small GUI update: better categorized
  • small GUI update: toggle enable/disable with a tap in the title row of the table
  • On Treo only: when device is muted, we vibrate before we play any music
  • On Treo only: keyboard light on/off