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    i have made my gps unit a "trusted device" in my bluetooth options, but when i got into my tomtom navi 5, it cant seem to locate any GPS unit...please help...i'm i'm so confused
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    I have been using the same setup for a almost a year, have you go into the TomTom Navi 5, then change preference, show GPS status, configure, then select other GPS device, then it should work.
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    ok so i recieved the Holux 236 last night. I charged it, and tried to locate it on my treo 650, however it didn't find it. Shouldn't it automatically locate it. Do i need to buy the data cable and then install the prog? I haven't installed TT5 onto my Treo, so should install TT5 and then try to locate the device? Is this normal....
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    I just turned it on and paired it and it was up and running with TT5 no problem.
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    ok so i would need to have TT5 installed in my Treo 650, and then pair the devices, Correct?
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    I have Delorme Street Atlas 2007, a Treo 650, and a Holux GPSlim 236. The Treo finds the GPS, but I can't get the Holux USB and/or GPS Viewer to load onto my Treo, so (I'm guessing) the Treo doesn't know what to do with the data sent from the GPS receiver. I can't find where the mapping software provides that interface, am I wrong?

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