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    Hi Folks

    I want to listen to MP3 from stereo jack connected to my car's AUX port. I also have the treo 650 (cingular) paired with BT handsfree link.

    But when a call comes in when I am listening to MP3 as above, the phone call doesnt get picked up by bluetooth. It seems to be getting routed to the jack.

    Is there anyway to tell Treo to give preference to BT instead of the jack ?

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    I have the same problem. Just got a new car with bluetooth phone and AUX in for MP3 player. Everything works great, but like you said above, I have to unplug the audio cable from my Treo in order to answer the phone with my car's bluetooth.

    Does anyone out there know of a solution? This seems to be something Palm could fix pretty easy with some software, to allow you to override its routing and route the call audio to bluetooth even if a cable is plugged in.

    I also found some info out there about how the Treo detects the jack, the resistance or impedendence levels, etc. But I think that would require using a custom hardware switch or something.

    I also have one other minor problem. There is a considerable humming coming through the stereo when I have both the audio and charger cables plugged in. If I remove the charger it goes away. I am thinking about gettin the Seidio Ground Loop Isolator, but don't know if it will really solve the problem

    I also noticed that the new Palm 700w charger looks to have a filter on it - the cylinder near the Treo plug. Does anyone know if that helps with noise from the power source as well?

    thanks. This forum rocks!

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    I use the Seidio adapter cable to play MP3s, but can't plug in my car charger. If the battery is running low than I switch to the 2.5mm jack. I never get humming with my setup.
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