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    Is this a good deal? Anybody know which receiver it comes with. Looks like it may be good for those of us on a tight budget.
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    At $300 it is a good deal. The GPS unit is a rebranded Holux unit that uses SiRF III (which basically means that it acquires signal faster than older GPS units). The TomTom software itself runs $150, and comparable GPSs also run $150. The TomTom kit itself is $300, and it only has a SiRF II GPS chip set, and doesn't come with the other bells and whistles like a dash mount and 1GB SD card. You would be hard pressed to buy all of these parts individually for less.
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    Thanks for the info Druce!
    02.02.05 - A new beginning...A Treo 650 beginning...
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    I suspect that something like this is a better deal, unless the Palm package includes something that I'm unaware of:

    If it were me I'd buy something like this plus a 2GB or 4GB SD card. If you buy the latter than you'll need to update your ROM, but this is pretty easy.
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    Right now, the only place you can get Tomtom Navigator 6 is from Palm.
    Make sure that you know which version you are buying. You will be seeing some very good offers for Navigator 5 packages. We are still waiting to see what Tomtom's upgrade policy will be once the exclusive with Palm expires.
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    i just spoke with tomtom. they are tight lipped on when they will be releasing tomtom6 through channels other than palm. they also had no info on upgrade pricing, policy, and otherwise.

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