I love the treo but I have one problem that I hope you guys can help with. I can't hear my email alerts. I can't set it to add the viberate with the ring like I can with the text messages. I keep my treo in my pocket and never know when I get new emails.

In messages/preference I have a setting for vibe with ring, but in email/preference I don't.

I hate the system sounds when you scroll through the apps screen and so forth but if I go into prefs and select system sounds and turn it off I don't get any email notifcations sound at all. I now have system sound all the way up just to try to here for notifacions, but with the choice of alert sounds there just to quite. I need a longer, louder alert sound.

I have tried volume care but that doesn't seem to change the choice of alerts or add a vibe with ring opption.

anyone have any helpful ideas or will this be a possible fix with a rom update?

thanks, cody