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    Having already dropped my 3 day old 700p from 4 feet onto concrete, I think I can confirm that 700p case is made of tougher plastic than the 650 was. The 650 seemed to scratch deeply from a drop. The 700 only has a little abrassion that I can smooth down easily.
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    "...smooth down easily."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keefer Lucas View Post
    "...smooth down easily."

    LMAO . . . Does your palm have a "clear white coating"?
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    I noticed the times i've dropped my 650 it would always land on the corner where the stylus is.

    The 700p on the other hand, lands on the antenna, which is much better. I think the the antenna has a weight designed in it. Or I should stop using my treo 's as crash test dummies.

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