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    I need help syncing Treo 650 contacts with a 2007 Mercedes S550 via bluetooth. I can make calls through the audio system but I cant get it to sync my contacts. Any ideas? thanks
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    Give me 07 Mercedes S550 for a test drive, I gonna help you out. or may I suggest that you read the manual comes with it or even call Merc tech support guy?
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    Its not my car its the bosses. I believe he took it to the dealer but they werent able to get the contacts to sync, just the phone to work through the system to dial out and talk hands free.
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    I have the same problem. The Mercedes dealership couldn't get it to work properly. Same problems/liimited capability you described plus if the call didn't go through, the car system would stall (i.e. "connecting" display would remain on) even though the treo would hang up. I have to turn the treo off and back on to clear the car display.

    A visiting Mercedes phone specialist happen to be there and basically said the treo was not on their compatibility list. He then showed me how the razor worked perfectly and was able to access the phone book directly from the phone, which was cool. I'm hoping either Palm or Mercedes upgrades the their software to make the treo fully compatible. Last year, my treo was not compatible with my Lexus LX470, but with the "hard" update from treo earlier in the year, the phone/bluetooth function works.

    I do hope there is a work around that someone else has discovered.
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    The S550 has a built in BT Interface and can optionally have a bluetooth phone handset installed which permits the use of BT enabled phones.

    The confusing part is that the Treo needs to be paired with both the Car and the phone interface separately - that is it must be paired twice, resultng in it seeing 2 devices, the car and the phone.

    Pairing with the phone interface is easy enough. The instructions are provided with the BT adapter that clicks into the console.

    Pairing with the car is done through the Vehicle services sub menu. My wife's 550 is not around right now, but you should be able to find the BT pairing utility somewhere in the Vehicle menu on the Command Screen.

    If you need more help, I can get you specifics latter.

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    In case it was not clear in my earlier post, Contacts are then sync'ed via the CAR not the phone interface. You can open up contacts in the Treo, then select a contact or category and sync via bluetooth. The contacts will then show up in the S550 address book and stay in the S550.
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    Thanks David. I'll give it a try.

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    oh, how I wish I had that problem!
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    I have a Treo 700wx from Sprint. I am picking up an '07 E350 on Monday. It has the option for the prewired phone and is ready for the bluetooth adapter. Do you know if the E series also comes with bluetooth for the car and requires two pairings and then you can copy over your address book?
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidfi01 View Post
    Pairing with the car is done through the Vehicle services sub menu. My wife's 550 is not around right now, but you should be able to find the BT pairing utility somewhere in the Vehicle menu on the Command Screen.

    If you need more help, I can get you specifics latter.

    I would love to know how to do this. I have the 2007 GL450 with COMMAND and bluetooth interface, but can't get my Treo to link with the car ... only the bluetooth interface. This means that I can't use the Treo contacts nor can I use the mercedes voice dialing. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Firstly it is NOT necessary to pair the phone with the car as well as the BT module. I have an S550 and Treo 750v and only paired it with the BT module. As for the phone book not syncing - the MHI BT module will only do that with certain Motorola phones - it has nothing to do with the Treo nor does it have anything to do with pairing it with the car. The simplest way around this is to set up the most frequent numbers you dial into Voice Command and then you can use the internal Mercedes phone book AND dial with voice command. A little extra work in duplicating the phone book but well worth it.
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    I am trying to get my Treo 700 to work in my 07 E350. My service is through Sprint. Have you been able to get your Treo to interface with the care using the MHI module so that blue tooth, phone, and contact sync with the dash?
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    Did you get it to work? How?
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    mervynle is exactly correct. The MHI BT module uses a Motorola-style of retrieving contact data from the device, and the Treo doesn't do this. All forms of trying to send contacts via BT don't work either. Nor does assigning favorites as contacts -- this works with some makes, but not MB.

    That said, I have definitely read of success stories with the new S-class... but only via the *car's* BT interface, not the MHI (handsfree phone). Since these two systems are back-end intergrated in the car, though, the address data the S-class gets is usable by the phone. Why they made it so complex is beyond me.

    All that said, I don't usually find it too troubling to pull out the Treo to do one-handed contact dialing. Actually, the 680 makes it a whole lot easier now that they tabbed the phone app interface *and* brought a contact view directly into it. very sweet, actually. And I've often got the Treo out and charging in the car on long drives anyway.
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    IN RESPONSE TO "DAVIDFI01" POSTING After receiving a lot of wrong advise, I have to say Thanks for some useful advice. I followed his instructions for syncing my Treo 650 with my 2007 S550 and it worked like a charm. This process may not work with other Treo models but it sure did for the 650. I did it using an ATT wireless Treo 650 device with FIRMWARE: 01.51 SOFTWARE: Treo650-1b.17-CNG. There are several specific steps and conditions that you have to follow in exact order or it won't work and the process won't tell you why. In case others would like to give it a go, here is a quick run down on how I got the Treo contact data to sync with the MB S550 address book. Note: The following process assumes you have already successfully paired your Treo cellular phone to the 'MB PhoneSystem'.

    1) Be sure that BT function is 'on' and 'discoverable' on your Treo device and that it is in the car with you. :-) [The phone/cellular function of your Treo does not need to be turned on] I did it with the phone function OFF.

    2) Be sure to turn the MB telephone BT function off via the COMMAND menu on your car.

    3) You need to establish the Treo with the CAR BT. You can do this by selecting the Vehicle/System Settings/Services sub menu. When you get to this point you need to select 'search for Bluetooth devices'. You should then receive a results listing that will include, at minimum, your Treo device by name. Select it then select 'authorize device'. The process will ask you to make up some numerical code to be used as the pairing code for this BT session. [You will then key this number back into your Treo just like you did when you set up the MB phone BT]

    If you have been successful, your Treo will now show that it is
    'authorized' AND 'available' on the CAR bluetooth listing as outlined in the MB owner's manual. This process will have created a 'second' device relationship with the CAR that will be visible when you look at the BT connection options on your Treo. My S550 self established the second device name as "UHI-SN5618". I don't know if this is a standard designation or it is randomly assigned?? Then be double sure the MB telephone BT is off via the COMMAND menu before you start the data sync. The reason this is critical is because the MB functionality ONLY supports one BT session at a time and an 'active' phone session will prevent the data session from initializing successfully.

    4) Using your Treo, initiate the standard 'send category' function using SEND WITH 'Bluetooth' and selecting the 'second' BT device relationship as the conduit. i.e. UHI-SN5618. You should now see your contact information begin downloading on the COMMAND screen.

    5) Watch your contacts update to your S550!
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    I've heard that the new C class will be using a similar dual-BT connection method, so here's hoping that others will soon benefit from this arrangement. Too bad they couldn't do it with just one though.

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