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    Does anyone know of an alarm clock app that will play an MP3 file? I'd like to wake up to some music.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Butler does that
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    Quote Originally Posted by BabelFish View Post
    Butler does that
    mobileClock does too
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    PalmaryClock too
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    Palmary Clock is great. You can activate any number of one-time and recurring alarms using MP3s or ringtones. You can skin it, use different clock faces, use your images as background wallpaper or slideshow. It also has a stop watch, calendar and other functions.
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    I second mobileCLOCK formerly bobs alarm.
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    I highly recommend mobileClock also. The latest beta has fixes for delays on the 700p and adds a popup feature showing time, battery, and the next alarm. Works great, I use it as my alarm clock with an MP3.
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    I second (or third?) Palmary Clock. Great app.
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    butler can use ptunes and play a playlist or bookmark (stream from the internet)

    works awesome as an alarm clock.
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