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    I was testing ProfileCare and the trial period expired. Immediately after that every preference I ever had was gone. Fonts/buttons/network/all registerations, everything.

    Plus I can't get an internet connection. and I keep getting the error "NetLib not connected".

    And since I could never get backupman to work, I don't have a clean backup.

    What the hell? Anybody experience this? help.
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    Have you done a hotsync recently? A hotsync backs up almost everything, so if worst comes to worst you can do a hard reset and then hotsync and get most stuff back.

    You should make a backup copy of your back directory now, though, so you don't risk losing anything else. And, remove anything related to ProfileCare from your backup before you do a restore.
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    It seems like a hard reset might be the only way to fix this. Despite having a Treo 600 for years I have never done a hard reset, so I am new at this.

    What I would like to get done with a hard reset:

    1. Keep certain things such as my blazer bookmarks. Contacts/tasks sync with outlook so I should be good. What file do I need to save to keep bookmarks? any other important files that I need to keep before i do a hard reset?

    2. Avoid installing Versamail. How do I do this? Do I need the CD at all after I do a hard reset?

    3. Should I delete my previous hot sync profile completely? or is there a way to only keep certain parts?

    4. Get BackupMan to work. I could not get BackupMan to work previously which is why I am having to do this in the first place. Anybody have any success?

    4. Only load programs I need, Key Suite, Snappermail, Kinoma, PowerRun, PalmInternals (to check speed then delete), Pocket Tunes. Hopefully this will increase performance as things have been getting slow.

    Any advice from anybody before doing a hard reset?

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    I don't know if this makes a difference, but every trial run I do with an app...if I don't end up purchasing it in time, I uninstall it before the trial period is up instead of waiting for it to kill off without a registration key and seeing what happens.
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