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  1.    #1 follow these 2 rules:

    1. For total security you can only use "button sequence" as the access method and not password. for some reason if you use password it won't work, you can still acces the appication by pressing the phone button, which brings me to the next rule...

    2. For the button sequence you can use any hardkey and 5-way-nav( including center ) except for the phone button because it won't work, it'll just take you to the phone app(i dont have an app assigned to the phone button, maybe someone wants to play with that themselves), same rule applies to the send button(if made the phone button)for those ludasP users out there.

    i wanted to use it a few days before posting just to make sure it worked. Now with this setup, whenever you try to access an "app-locked" app you'll get the "please enter your sequence" message, input your code, and you're ready to go. So for all those people in a previous thread wanting to lock there photo apps( like myself), sms, or whatever here you go!!

    just remember to use version 1.02 as previous versions will crash the treo(as i found out), let me know if anyone has anything to add, just in case i left out something.

    **wife tested, fellow 7oop user approved**
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    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!
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    ive been using this since my 650 days, i cannot complain, does exactly what i want , love it. i use it to lock the email app, picture app, and sms
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    is anyone using skinui with applock?

    i have skinui unloaded from applock but still having an issue with applock, i have pics and videos in lock list but it seems to be locking all apps, why is this?

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