First of all, to all of you who are happy with the "Bionic Ear" look/feel, this thread is not for you. You are in the majority, and there are lots of happy threads to read.

However, for those of you that are in the minority like myself, and don't see themselves in this mode, I wanted to share how an alternative is working for me. I have been enjoying the Nokia HS-21W. It is a small lanyard and/or clip on unit. The earpiece rests in a magnetic docking area on the unit until you need it. And yes... there is (gasp) a wire between the earpiece/mic and the unit. Again, to those of you to whom BT="no wires" read no further. However, this kind of hybrid, "out of the box" thinking is working well for me.

The wire I always hated was the long one that tethered to the phone and always got hung up in the auto seat belt. My phone stays in my pocket (where I have kept my PDA/phone for 3 generations now), and I answer calls with the push of a button. I use the lanyard around the office and in informal situations, but when I have a suit or sport coat on, the unit clips unobtrusively to an inside coat pocket. The earpiece is easily grabbed and I push the answer button as I am putting it to the ear.

Quality and interoperability with the Treo 650 is great. There is another thread that is talking about a newer sister product -- the HS-12W Stereo headset, however that is still just being proven out in TreoCentral land. I am waiting for other intrepid pioneers to give us the info on that. In the meantime, I thought I would share some real-life success with the current product.