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    I find this to be the easiest way to do it:

    Download Mobile AMR converter 1.3.0
    from here, or here.
    It's a free program from Sony Ericsson.

    1, convert your short mp3 or wav file to an amr file. I usually pick the highest bitrate (MR), for better quality.
    2, send this file to your 700p (via bluetooth, I supposed email works too.)
    3, Treo will accept it and open it in the voice memo.
    4, Go to menu, rename it if you want to, and the select "save to ringtine".

    That's it!
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    if yo want to make it even easier just use Mintones
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    Could you do me a huge favor? I tried to register with the site that hosts minitones but for some reason there's a problem with my email at Adelphia (I had this problem initially with Treo Central as well) and I never get the registration email sent to me.

    Could you please send minitones to my email: ???

    Thanks in advance!

  4. #4 has a page...i think it is called focus...that you type the file in and the phone number...and it sends it to you in a text message. you open it and say yes to downloading the file...and your ringer is in...or your pic..which is great for screen savers, picture caller id when you don't have a pic on your phone, etc
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    There is a program called "Ringo" that does the same thing . . . you just point the program to the MP3 you want to use as the ringtone and that's it. The MP3 can be on the SD card as well to save RAM.
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    Sure there are much easier way for paid apps, but I was talking about FREE programs.

    BTW a search of Mintones show nothing on google, could you have be a little more obscure?
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    its actually the best way to do ringtones..
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    Go to post #10 in this thread to dowload Minitones:
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    Minitones ROCKS
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    I spend a lot of time looking for AWESOME apps like minitones. I'm suprised this is the first time I'm seeing it. What a great app, and FREE
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    Oh and it also works fine from the SD card!
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    heh, i guess ill reinstall it, but when I used it, the only thing that would work was miditones... every mp3 i made, just played for half a second, and then silence, despite the length

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