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    I should state that I'm not one to complain or start flame wars or anything of that nature and usually it takes a lot for me to get upset but if you ever tried to cancel a membership or find some help on Mantra's site you would see some serious problems in doing so.

    1.Phone number 1(866)GO-MANTRA does not work and has a fast busy signal.
    2.Live Support doesn't work because it requires that you "Pick a department" which none is listed.
    3.There is no option when you log into your account to cancel or change your subscription either.
    4.Their Support Helpdesk which includes:

    Submit a Ticket
    Ticket Status

    Does not work because of the following error at the bottom of your web browser:

    "Warning: Unknown(): Your script possibly relies on a session side-effect which existed until PHP 4.2.3. Please be advised that the session extension does not consider global variables as a source of data, unless register_globals is enabled. You can disable this functionality and this warning by setting session.bug_compat_42 or session.bug_compat_warn to off, respectively. in Unknown on line 0"

    Honestly I have never seen a company that I'm paying for a service fail in so many areas and I think it's important for anyone who's currently a customer or a prospective customer to know about. I hope this post helps those of you who are reading this.
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    Hey deesugar, thanks for sharing your experience and info.
    Could this company be a scam? Do their products work?
    Anyone successfully use any of their paid products?

    I don't mean to jack your thread: No offence intended. I think these are related questions...
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    Live Support seems to be totally screwed up, as well as their method for submitting help tickets. I notice on the forums on that support asked you to email them (and you mentioned that you already emailed them once.) How is that going?

    I also notice that it said that phone support is only available for enterprise customers.

    I use Causerie and have found it better than Verichat, although others have found Verichat better than Causerie. Support is usually fairly good, but can be spotty at times.
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    Please note that we will fix the ticket system and online support as soon as possible. As we told earlier in forums that mean while you can contact at for help and can also do live chat with support team from your Causerie at

    Support Team.
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    As they requested I sent Mantra an email to their support team from the email account on my MobiVoIP account asking them to cancel the account for the second time. Included was my MobiVoIP account number/ID and this is the response I got from them:

    Sent: Friday, August 25, 2006 1:56:58 PM
    Subject: Transaction details

    Dear Dave,

    Please send us your transacton details received during the time of
    your purchase. We will cancel your account as soon as possible.

    With Regards,
    Support Team.

    So first off I don't know what "transaction details" they are talking about but it would seem that would be something they would have access to. So far I have not received anything officially about my account being canceled. It really is a pain not being able to call up and do this over the phone, as their email responses tend to be cryptic. But I've learned my lesson about using a company that makes it easy to sign up for their service but nearly impossible to cancel.

    Notice that they didn't even give me a trouble ticket number or reference of any kind about this support issue.

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    Please note that whenever a purchase is made the customer receives two e-mails from us, one about his transaction details and the other one confirmation e-mail. Please send your transaction details at, they will cancel your account and get back to you with confirmation within 2 days.

    Support Team.
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    man me too got bitten by them, lost my $15 for mobivoip which almost never worked, but the concept of voip on palm was good. Now testing VOYP from Toysoft and am quite satisfied.

    Am also planning to file a complaint against them at Better Business Bureau ( for the scam they did with mobivoip.
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    Support from Mantra Group has been an on-going issue since the company started. Ben
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    Please note that there was some problem with the server some days before. However the problem was fixed at the earliest and it is working fine now. There are many customers for mobivoip using it smoothly.

    With Regards,
    Support Team.
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    Only you tell this way - but even now I was not able to even place a test call - got no response from server.

    Also, there are no updates in any of your palm software as I note from here and in your forums, bug fixes are not even addressed not just for mobi, even for causerie 700p issue and that of the call filtering app. I doubt the company is still running or just a 1 man show.

    Currently for my palm voip - I use VOYP and with FWD I can almost place free IP calls to all my VoIP user friends at vonage, inphones, sipphone etc.

    As far I see your service $u<k$. I am not even oblidged properly in my support e-mails, some days back all your site were gone, I thought you took peoples money and went absconding.

    It is not just me, there are many who face the same, it is very much obvious from the participants of this thread.

    i meen no offence in here - it is just the outburst of my frustrations as a paid customer (was a paid customer but now am not using any of your products as nothing is promising).
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    Try disabling “Resolve IP using STUN” option from mobiVoIP preferences to allow mobiVoIP to use local IP settings. If you still continue to face the same problem, consult your network administrator to enable ports 5060-5080 and 16506-16526 for UDP transmission.

    If this troubleshooting does not help, then it may be possible that your ISP is blocking VoIP data transfer. You can confirm this by running other desktop VoIP clients over the same connection to check if they are able to connect.

    With Regards,
    Support Team.

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