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    What case did you buy for your 700P and do you love it?

    I was thinking about buying one of the silicone skins that are available. Some cases I see are so bulky looking.

    Let me know what you love about yours. Help me decide!
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    I have the Palm hard case:

    The P6 pouch:

    The S700 skin:

    and the pouch to hold the Palm while it has the skin on it:

    I use the hard case for carrying the Treo in a backback or my soft sided briefcase and I'm worried about the abuse it might take. The P6 pouch I use for normal functions, and the skin and case I use for taking it places on my belt that I'm not certain about the environment...the park, a picnic, etc.

    I like them all but I think if I had to pick just 1 it would be the P6 case.
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    I have a Speck case. I like that I was able to get it at Staples so I could actually SEE what I was getting, rather than ordering it online. That being said, what I don't like about it is that the case stretches out over time so that after a couple of months its not quite as snug as it was out of the box. Not so much that you can't use it - it is still fine, just not as nifty as it was when I first put it on.
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    I am a new user of the Best Skins Ever skin (BSE), and a Treocentral screen protector. When I am packing, I use my old trusty Otterbox waterproof/crushproof case to completely protect the Treo. Here is the picture of my old Otterbox case:

    I just purchased a Seidio holster case from the TreoCentral store, but haven't received it yet:
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    The S700 really interests me. Are you pretty happy with it? if you drop it do you think it will keep it from breaking? Does it offer any real protection?
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    I used all the palm pays back palm bucks to order the Sena Leatherskin case from the palm/treo store. Supposed to be really sweet, I'll report when I get it.
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    I have the Tumi leather side case, very nice and the phone can have the screen facing in or out too. Very nice case, typical Tumi.
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    The S700 is pretty thin. It might keep the Palm from breaking but I'm not going to drop it on purpose to test that theory.
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    I have the seidio vertical leather case. it is well built and the clip is nice and secure. however, I find that I carry it in my pocket more than any other way! I have insurance, so if it breaks!
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    Just purchased a Body Glove case from Best Buy and then carefully removed the belt clip. The phone fits great and it protects the phone perfectly. I bought it for $25.
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    I have this case and I love it.
    I had all my treo's in my pocket or using the silicon cases, but i gave this case a shot and it's staying for good. only 10 bux and the quality and security are excellent.
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    I've used several and the only one I really like is the Body Glove one. A lot of companies, AND eBay auctions sell cases that fit the 600/650 but do not fit the 700p correctly. Does a great job for $20 and it does fit correctly on the phone. The plastic covering on the front covers the screen and keypad correctly and all cutouts for buttons, charger and mic are in the correct place.
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    Ok you guys who have accidentally dropped your 700p what happened? I have dropped mine once and it survived unscathed but I don't want to risk it.

    I want a case that will cushion a fall and also protect the keyboard and screen. Also, I want to be able to keep it on all the time rather than slipping it in and out when I want to use it. Also, I want the holes to line up and not cover any buttons.

    I also want something that will be easy to hold and grip.

    Any ideas?


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    I got Palm's Flexi Case for the Treo 700 series.

    It's the nicest skin case I have found. A great thing about it is that it covers your keyboard. The part that covers your keyboard isn't moulded for each key, but using the keyboard is still as easy as if the cover was not there. The great thing about this case is that it covers all the buttons on the Treo (even the side / volume buttons).

    I also use the Flexi Case case with Palm's Leather Side Case.

    Seidio's new leather pouch is identical to this Leather Side Caes from Palm, except Palm's Leather Side Case doesn't have the cheap elastic on it. At first, I used Seidio's new leather pouch, but I didn't need that elastic stretchy feature since the Flexi Case is pretty thin. A Treo w/ the Flexi Case fits perfectly in Palm's Leather Side Case.
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    I had been using the innopocket black magnesium case for my 650 then the 700p. It lasted over a year, then the sd card holder fell out. I also scratched the plastic over the screen so bad I couldn't see through it anymore. I stopped using it after the first 2 defective 700p's.

    I'm on my 3rd 700p and it is working great! But dare I say I've been using it NAKED! I have the palm screen protecters and other then that I have been using it in my right front pocket with no case. (also, I cut out an oval from the left over screen protector, and covered the camera lense.It has been there fine for 3months.)

    I have procrastinated long enough, and been lucky, very lucky, but its time to buy a case. I liked the hard case because it covered the screen and protected it from drops/abuse. The inside of the case had wetsuit type foam inside the magnesium shell. The front part also flipped open like a book for easy access.

    I haven't really found anything I like yet, but I'm living on the edge...
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    I use the Smartphone Experts Clearcase,

    It provides full access to not only all the buttons, but the card slot as well (the Speck rubberized case, which I tried first, does not). It comes with a beltclip, and as an added bonus (for me), the tab on the case (for connecting to the belt clip) works with's Travel Mount, which is essentially a belt clip attached to an alligator clip, which easily clips onto air vents (great for rental cars):

    I've had the case for a couple of months now, and am very happy with it. The only downside is, the built-in SD card holder, which would be a handy feature if it actually worked ... doesn't (at least, I have not been able to figure out how to get an SD card to fit in the holder).
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    I have the Palm hardcase which was nice in the beginning, now the coating is rubbing off and the internal hinge stops have cracked. Some of my coworkers use the vaja cases, and they are really tough and good looking. I am going to get one to replace my ailing Treo hardcase.
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    I just got my Sena Leatherskin case, and I gotta say it's awesome. It's the only wrap around case I found that doesn't cover up the keyboard or screen with plastic, but still fits it perfectly. The belt clip is superb as well. Very nice quality.
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    I have had the Piel Frama two-tone black/tan case for a while with my 600 and I love it. I am planning on getting a new Piel Frama case on Ebay when I finally get the 700P from Amazon. The cases are VERY nice and they redesigned the bottom pieces recently so the Treo is much less likely to slip. Very slim case with a removable button for attaching to a belt clip. Excellent protection too as I have dropped the Treo several times and it is fine (great screen protection and excellent magnetic closure, easy to flip open).

    You can pick one up one on eBay for around $50. Link below to the various models on the Piel Frama site:

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    Invisible shield and palm soft case
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