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    Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi View Post
    I got Palm's Flexi Case for the Treo 700 series.

    It's the nicest skin case I have found. A great thing about it is that it covers your keyboard. The part that covers your keyboard isn't moulded for each key, but using the keyboard is still as easy as if the cover was not there. The great thing about this case is that it covers all the buttons on the Treo (even the side / volume buttons).
    I agree 125% this is the best silicon skin out there in my opinion. I sent my Crystal Case back because I couldnt get used the corners being too far on the keyboard.
    Has anyone tried this with the seido skinned shield holster? I've heard that it's designed for some of the thicker skins, and the newer thinner models can fall out if it's used. I love the holster, and i'd like to keep it, but with more protection. I dislike the speck cases because i never had the center button protectors line up quite right, and i didn't like the included holster with them.

    How does the covered keyboard work out? I have tried them with the plastic coverings, and hated them, but i could see how the silione could be useable...
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    Isn't it amazing how tastes vary?!

    Since I wear khaki's 6 out of 7 days of the week, I wanted one to match better than the typical black case. So I got this one (which I love!):

    Naztech Sahara H5 for Treo 700p
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    I think there are two, maybe three kinds of people when it comes to cases - those who want almost full access to their Treo at all times (don't want to open anything), those who are happy to have a full enclosure case with a snap or velcro tab, and those who want an on-the-belt solution.
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