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    For the past 18 months, I have had MediaNet on my Treo650 and it was working fine. I started having problems receiving text messages via 1 of several email accounts and called for tech support. I was informed that MediaNet was the wrong data package on my phone and to receive support, they had to change me to PDAConnect. I also had to begin using a different format ( instead of With MediaNet, I would receive long messages with all of the parts joined together with spacers within the message. With PDAConnect, they come as individual messages. With MediaNet, I could go to and make some preference changes such as aliases, limit the number of character blocks to send to my phone, etc. Is there some place I can do that for PDAConnect?
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    I cant prove this yet, but I think all the carriers are now having problems with email and some sms on the 650. I dont have cingular. I have sprint and mail that has been working since I had the phone no longer works. You got the same bs from cingular I got from sprint, It looks like palm is going to force all users to put in the latest rom patch from palm on all of the 650's. Even when the phone is clearly broken it is not being repaired or replaced untill the rom is updated. I liked handspring support alot better than palms

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