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    Okay, I must have done something stupid. What else is new?)
    I was trying to copy my SD card into a folder on my laptop for backup purposes and I think I really screwed it up.
    The only thing showing on the card now is the data for my backupman program, but the card shows that only 17.9 of 968.2M is free.
    Folder on laptop hasa few of the programs, but not all
    1. What did I do wrong?
    2. I know I have to reinstall whatever I had on there, but obviously I have no room.
    Should I just try and reformat it?
    Should I get the 4g card and load everything on there?

    Please, whatever help you can give me is appreciated

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    Are you sure you clicked copy and not cut when you attempted to move your data?
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    Does it show the same free space when inserted in the treo as on the laptop?? I was thinking the same thing as drei22 until you said, "...the card shows that only 17.9 of 968.2M is free.", so i doubt that's it, but with computers you never know. The first time i did a card to pc backup only a portion of my files got copied over,never had that problem again though and i have the same pc/hardware/software i had before, maybe someone else can assist you farther than me, do a search around here, i remember in one of the previous threads (either here or software forum)someone talked about a program that could recover data from a potentially erased sd card,can't verify if that's true or not but just do a search and see what you come up with.
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    Did yo connect using softick? did you disconect the patch cord while writing/connected? This can hose an SD card. I did it and had to reformat mine.

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