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    Anyone from nyc take a trip to canada using tomtom? need a lil help here. I know you cant map a route straight to canada. You have to switch maps once you get to the canadian border. My question is this: Which border should I navigate to? I noticed there were a couple of them on the tomtom poi. I would br driving up the thruway, need to get to montreal. Anyone?
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    I suggest planning it in Mapquest, then use that road on TomTom.
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    As Heberman suggests, I too use MapQuest or Yahoo Maps to get a macro travel route when I'm traveling across TomTom maps. Once I see the best choice for my end-to-end route, I set a destination at the end of that road/highway, and start my route on the new map on that same road/highway.

    BTW, I've made that very same trek a few times -- the most direct route is 87 North. Happy treaveling...
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    Guess i shall map it out on mapquest first. thanx for the response guys! I did plan on taking the 87..its pretty much straight.

    tanx again!

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