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    Ok, this may have been asked before, but....

    I am having problems using (the download,evaluation version of) Intellisynch to synch my palm address book (I'm using Action Names) with Outlook 2000 contacts.

    I keep each of my outlook contacts in a sub folder (or nested subfolder) of the contacts folder (for example, a folder for My company, and inside of that folder, folders for each department.)

    Intellisynch is doing nothing with these contacts. If I move a contact from the main folder into a sub folder, it simply deletes it from the palm.

    I don't have to have the nested folders on the Palm, but I'd like to stop having the actual contact deleted each time I try to file it on the home computer.

    Any suggestions how to get this sub-folder contact issue ironed out?


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    To have all your contacts folders sync'd using Intellisync, highlight the AddressBook <--> MS Outlook link in the Intellisync configuration dialog and select the 'Choose' button. Making sure Outlook is the selected translator on the 'Choose Contacts Folder(s)' dialog, select 'Browse'. From there you should be able to go in and select all the Contacts folders you want sync'd to your Visor.

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