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    I receive all my answering service messages via SMS. It would great if I could find something that will allow me to attach an SMS to an appointment. An entirely new SMS manager that would do a lot more (such as linking phone numbers with a line break in them to the phone application correctly) would be even better.

    I've looked at Datebook 5, but it seems like you can do anything with contacts, but nothing with SMS.
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    Has anyone seen anything like this? I'm still looking.
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    I don't think the application you are looking for exists. There was an attempt to have a developer create it, but that seems to have died. Check out this thread:
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    I've been trying to raise interest in this kind of application for a while! It would be so useful to me in so many ways. I've heard others interested in it as well. I think it could be a huge program that could make someone who knows how to program the Palm a bit of cash. I'd pay for it! Any takers?
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    The biggest problem for me at this point is that phone numbers don't get linked properly in SMSs. I have to tap them several times to make the dial dialog pop up, and then most of the time the number doesn't appear in full in the dialog.

    Are there any other SMS managers at all?

    Dmax, I see in the other thread you use DBK5. So do I! I've been attaching SMSs to appointments by 1)tapping the SMS text three times to select it 2)pressing menu + C to copy 3)Going into DBK5 (calendar button) and to my appointment 4)pressing menu + A to attach and menu + P to paste.

    It would be great to just press a button at the SMS screen to send the SMS to a new appointment in the calendar. Or maybe just the selected text of the message. Either as an attachment or the appointment description itself.
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    Eatyummypuppies, My vision is to make an appointment and have an option within the preferences of sending an SMS to that contact either reminding them of the appointment or some other message (sort of like an alarm function but it sends an SMS instead of sounding an alarm). But of course, you'd still have that message attached to the appointment, like you are wanting too. Anyone interested in developing this?

    Dana A. Max, Psy.D.
    Licensed Psychologist
    Palm III, Palm IIIc, Palm m515, Treo 650, Centro

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