I may be in error but I noticed an application, Album To Go, which may not have been available at the site when I purchased my Prism last year.


Album To Go is a Palm-based interactive photo album that lets you view photographs on your handheld device, as well as share photos on your desktop and over the Internet. These images can be viewed one picture at a time, or as a slide show. The package includes a desktop component that converts .jpg image files to a Palm-compatible format. You can also preview the photo image, adjust the photo placement, add a description, and adjust the contrast and brightness. The slide-show mode offers you multiple transition effects for moving from one picture to another. These effects can be varied for each picture, or set randomly throughout. Clear instructions and a user-friendly interface make Album To Go a snap to learn, but the nicest feature of this well-designed and powerful utility is that it's freeware. Do yourself a favor, and check it out today. Note: This version is compatible with both color and B/W devices and supports 16-bit color on the Visor Prism.

Its freeware at any rate.