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The phone function of my 700P stopped working this morning; cause unknown. After a soft reset, hard resets, countless calls to Sprint tech support, attempts to fix by using various ## codes, calls to Sprint customer disservice, a visit to a Sprint Service Center in Manhattan in the afternoon, calls to Palm tech support, and a call to Palm Customer Support at Palm HQ, the phone still doesn't work.

I got my 700P in mid-June and up until this morning, it worked well. I made a call last night and when I tried to use the phone this morning, it couldn't get on to the Sprint network. The phone is well-cared for...not a scratch and never been dropped. Except for the phone, all the other 700P applications are working. Hard reset deleted Bejeweled, Solitaire and FileZ.

Oddly, the title bar on the phone pad shows the following status:
Network Search...
TTY/TDD mode is active (small red T icon is visible)
911 only (Location ON icon has a red slash through it)
Bluetooth is off (Bluetooth icon is grey)
Battery strength icon is visible.

The phone is "off" as the antenna/bars icon is not visible. Sprint can't seem to figure out how to get the phone to turn "on" and accessing the Sprint network. Can't even activate the phone. Hard resets aren't working.

Under Phone Info., the following fields are blank: phone number, PCS Vision Username, ESN, MSID, PRL Rev, PRI Checksum, SID Channel, and Frequency.

Well, this finally happened to me today at about noon time. I come out of the subway and the phone is off, oddly enough. I try to turn it on and it takes forever for the splash screen to go away, and it keeps saying "Network Search" and a red uppercase "T" right next to it. I tried doing a hard reset to see if it cleared up, no dice. Called Palm and they want me to ship it to them, with a turnaround time of 7 business days and there is the "possibility that i might get a refurbished unit". B.S, i exclaimed, i've only had this phone less than 2 weeks (9 days).
Luckily for me, i got mine at an electronics retailer (not direct from Palm or Sprint, thank God) and i'm swapping it out there tomorrow.

This is absolutely the last straw and the last device i ever buy that runs Palm OS. It's apparent that the build quality of the current Treos (700P's to be exact) is absolutely horrendous and has been going down the drain since the 650.