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    Marc, I am using the EX plugin and have had delays in getting email pushed to me. I am trying to understand how the Push works and am wondering if you had any suggestions for settings, etc. to play around with. I had my IT guys take away the SSL requirement but that did not seem to make a difference...have you run into problems with Cisco firewalls by chance?

    I really want to dispose of my crackberry, but until the push is more consistent I am a little hesitant to do this. Thanks!
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    Push is 100% working or not, so I'd say that you just don't have it. The important questions are 1) carrier and 2) firewall. If you have Sprint or Verizon you're fine; with Cingular you need special setup. As far as firewall goes, you can try various ports to see if you can get it working.

    In Chatter,

    1) Go to the Console and enter "listen xx"
    2) Use the "Shutdown & Disconnect" menu command
    3) Re-enter Chatter and see if push is working.

    Try 80, 500, and 2000 as xx in the listen command.

    If all fail, your firewall is probably blocking all outbound UDP ports, and you'd have to ask your IT folks if a port can be opened up.

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    Marc, starting yesterday I noticed the same thing. On occasion, the push is instantaneous (like it normally is) but most of the messages don't come through for quite a while (15 minutes or more). If I do a sync or reset connections, it will retrieve the messages, but the push isn't working as it has. Would a log help?
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    Yes, logs would help.

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    Marc, I just sent you the log. I started it right after some messages hit my mailbox (exchange 2003) internally and stopped it after some of them were finally pushed (an hour or so later) to Chatter. I am on Verizon, and like the other poster, if I initiate a connection everything syncs's just the delay in the push that's a mystery.

    Thanks, Dwayne (libbytgb)
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    Libbytgb - Did you try the suggestions above?

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    mthayworth - Are you also on Verizon? There have been a few sporadic reports of push issues in certain geographical areas. Please send email...

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    Marc, the ports fixed it...Thanks again!!
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    I just tried to start using the EX plugin last night and I am getting the "stuck in Listen" behavior as others have reported. I am using a Sprint 700p and I've tried the various listen ports and none seem to work. I am talked to our network administrator and he claims that no outbound traffic should be blocked. Anything else work for anybody?
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    Shoot me an email; I'm thinking it has to be the network firewall, but there are some tests we can do.

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    Is anybody else still suffering from this problem? I've been around the horn with my IT Guy and we've tried various "listen" settings and I'm still having the problem.

    Marc I tried to email you a couple times through the Forum software let me know what I can try out to see what the problem is if you have any ideas.
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    Just send me an email at; we can figure out if it's your carrier or your server's network that's the problem.

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    Sorry to revive this thread.

    I just sent you a log via "Bug" to the same effect. I am having horrible slow down on EX push all of a sudden, and don't know why. I'm trying other ports, and will let you know.
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    Again, there's no such thing as slow EX push; it either works within seconds or it's not working. The FAQ on my site covers most of the cases of this problem.

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    does the listen command do anything?

    you say that there is no such thing as slow sync, either it works or it doesn't.

    well it seemed that messages were being delayed up to one hour.

    then I tried listen with port 80 then I was getting them within 5 minutes. then I tried port 2000 and I still got them within 5 minutes. shouldn't I only be able to listen on one of the ports?

    also my blackberry thay I am testing with seems to get messages instantaneously. of course that is from the blackberry add on server vs getting it directly from exchange.
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    Chatter gets mail directly from Exchange; the push signal should be received within seconds of the message's arrival on the Treo. It could take a few minutes for the message to arrive, depending on how large the mailbox is, whether the Treo is asleep or awake, etc., but 5 minutes sounds like a lot.

    And listen can work well on any number of ports, depending on the configuration of the server and the server's network firewall.

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    Some more information:

    Our exchange server is directly on the internet, no firewall, and no SSL. So those things should not be slowing it down.

    I just got a push email, however, after I got it in outlook 2003. On the Blackberry, which I have left home today, I always get the message minutes before outlook 2003.

    Also, if I am getting push at all, does that mean I am using imap?

    Our exchange server is set up to use the outlook web access. Is that what enables me to get it on the treo?

    I have authorization to change any settings I need to to get the treo working, but have not changed anything yet, on the exchange server.
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    I would highly suggest you take your Exchange server off the Internet without some sort of firewall in front of it. That is just a hacking disaster waiting to happen.

    On your issue, have you tried enabling IMAP on your exchange server and pushing email that way w/Chatter? When I had a 700p, I enabled IMAP and pushed mail via SSL IMAP. It was extremely fast.
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    Let me rephrase the question.

    Background: I am currently getting push email on my treo 700p using outlook exchange and chatter.

    Question: Does this mean by definition we have imap enabled or are there different ways I could be getting email?

    As I said in the previous post the outlook administrator would have done the minimal amount to allow the web version of outlook to be accessible, nothing has been done specifically to get my treo or someone else's motorola Q to work; they just seem to work. On my treo I am just pointing at the ip address of the server.
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    More info, my peer's Motorola Q gets the push at the same time as the blackberry, where as I get them 2 - 5 minutes later.

    The motorola Q and my treo 700p are using the same push from the outlook exchange server. This removes the possibility that the blackberry server was what enabled the blackberry's to get the email first.
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