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    The Q and Chatter couldn't be more different in the way they handle email; there's almost nothing in common there. (And this has nothing to do with IMAP) Could you send a log that shows any message getting pushed to you? Logging instructions are in the FAQ at my site.

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    I will try and send log latter tonight or tomorrow.

    How is the Q and chatter handling mail differently? Outlook Exchange server sends out a QSig over the air, then what?
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    What is a QSig? Anyway, I assume the Q uses ActiveSync; Chatter doesn't use that.

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    Is this described in the manual? Yes the Q is probably using Active Sync.

    What does Chatter use if not active sync?
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    Another question, prior to me entering the listen 2000, listen 80 etc, command at the "console" what port was chatter listening on?
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    53 is the default. Chatter uses one of Microsoft's protocols, but not ActiveSync.

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    I just sent log.

    When I type bug in console, I get two choices to send, Bug and my mailbox. What is the difference?

    My treo rebooted a bunch of times today as I was playing with it and one time after a reboot, chatter asked if I wanted to re-create my mailbox, and then was unable. Had to re-enter the info and re-created the mailbox.
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    You can use either. *BUG* doesn't require sending to work from your mailbox. Reboots are very abnormal; what other applications do you have on your Treo? Who is your carrier?

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    My carrier is Verizon.
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