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    where /how can i get software to let me use mp3 as ringtones.
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    search for minitones, yes it's free
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    minitones is AWESOME!!!
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    minitones baby ...yes
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    I wish I had read this before I bought Phone Technician!!!
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    Minitones doesn't work for me. If I trim a mp3 to 12 seconds and save it ("Add"), I can only hear a tone for 1 second, when activated from alarmtone-list.
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    Another alternative is to use a free Windows app called audacity to convert the file and then a free Palm app called VFS Exchange to add as a ring tone.

    You should be able to search this forum and/or google to find detailed instructions how to do this. Good luck!
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    Lightwav from ToySoft has treated me well
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    I use Ringo with P-Tunes and it works great
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