Sorry for the long absense.

Many of you have excellent points. I have just one point. Google.

Look at how many people do not have a email client and instead use Google (or any of the popular email clients).

I remember the say that you had to have a POP3/SMTP client and I've used plenty like Eudora, TheBat, and even Outlook.

But today I only use Gmail. And I have 6 email addresses. And Gmail has never let me down.

Now, I will admit that I am comparing a a physical connection to the internet VS a wireless one and that may be a big difference.

I would love the idea of real sync so that I have a copy locally. But I am noticing that a "real" sync is hard to do. Chapura and many others charge nice money to get sync working and even then it is not 100% percent (see all the programs that wipe out duplicates).

In my world, I have access to a computer with a browser a lot. There are also times (20% maybe) where I only have my palm. So an ideal solution for me is something I can access from the web all the time, sync to the palm - but if google does not want to write software for palm, I would accept a web based version --- assuming the network is "pretty" reliable. And I would probably end up paying someone like chapura to sync to the native apps.

I just don't see palm offering the best in tasks, contacts, and calenders. I see palm offering a good physical interface for a device that is a mini-computer.