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    Just playing around today....decided to try watching my Slingbox feed on my laptop tethered to my Treo 650 via BT DUN. It's a slow stream over EDGE, only 89-99 kbps or so, but it WORKS! So, at least we know it's possible and if Sling ever gets around to creating a SlingPlayer for Palm OS, we're all set! Not something you'd want to watch all night long, but while killing an hour or so in the airport, more than acceptable. One note, make sure to pick a very strong, clear channel. The weaker the signal (more snow) the worse the performance.
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    The Slingmobile player for the PPC is literally the reason why I left Palm and went to a 6700 (well it pushed me over the edge). True story. Sad, but true.

    Once Palm releases Cobalt and Slingmobile is ported to Palm, I will return!

    I sure do miss Chatter, Datebk6, and Takephone, though...

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