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    Hi everybody. I am or was the satisfied owner of a Treo 650 till my Doberman ate/chewed it. LOL That'avings all I could do was laugh. Anyhow, I'm considering another. I've seen unlocked phones for sale from Palm. I'm just wondering if it's worth having? My original 650 was a Cingular phone. At the time I purchased it, Cingular wasn't offering insurance. Are there features an unlocked phone would have if I inserted my old SIM card- the dog ate my 1 Gig SD chip, but somehow missed the SIM... I've also noticed a service for unlocking a carrier locked phone- does it work?
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    If you are just going to use your Cingular service there is no advantage to buying an unlocked phone. All unlocking does is allow you to use another carrier's SIM. The unlocking services do work and will unlock the phone for just a few dollars. Some are more reputable than others, though. If you were to travel innternationally a lot there might be some advantage to buying local pre-paid SIM cards in the country you are in.

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